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Musician Photo Essay Example

What does music mean to you? A Rifflandia exploration.

The purpose of music is abstract; it is more than instruments and a good melody. This year at Victoria’s Rifflandia Music Festival, I wanted to find out what it meant to the eclectic array of people who attended and so my photographer, Brando Godfrey, and I both decided to explore this idea through different means. 

While I set out to interview some of the smiling faces at the event, Brando took some extraordinarily enchanting photos of different aspects of the festival. We then got together to try to match each description of what music meant to each participant, with an appropriate photo in order to create our own abstraction

This is what we came up with...


(Accompanied by a photo we think matches each answer)

"Freedom of expression" - Michael

Photo: Brando Godfrey

"Good times and better friends" - Annie, Justine

Photo: Brando Godfrey

"I wake up and play my tunes and life can go on. It's my sustenance. It's my protein shake in the morning and glass of wine in the evening" - Elyse

Photo: Brando Godfrey

"Making friends and cracking eggs" - Scotty

Photo: Brando Godfrey

"Electrifying" - Thelma

Photo: Brando Godfrey

"Music is my deepest truth in full expression." - Dani

Photo: Brando Godfrey

"Music is a way of being." - David

Photo: Brando Godfrey

"Music is the soundtrack to overcoming yourself. It brings you up when the world tears you down. It’s diverse and it accepts all. Music simply soothes my Savage soul." - Jessy

Photo: Brando Godfrey

"Love and life." - Kate and Precille

Photo: Brando Godfrey

"A lubricant to help you think better" - Sergei

Photo: Brando Godfrey

"It brings people together--community. A mutual state." - Marquie

Photo: Brando Godfrey

"I'm not in for the money I'm in it for the little perfect moments when everything falls together." - Mike (Sound guy)

Photo: Brando Godfrey

"It's a heart beat it's the only thing that moves my knee." - Thanos

Photo: Brando Godfrey

"A good harmony makes me cry. This is why I love doing my job." - Joe (Sound guy)

Photo: Brando Godfrey

"It plays an important part in your life because you associate it with the important happenings that have occurred in the past. Nostalgia." - Juju (The Beatnuts)

Photo: Brando Godfrey

<3 Kalisi Luv


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