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Essay Examples For Grade 11 Mathematics

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Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
The speed of light is 3 x 105 kilometers/second. If the sun is . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
The North American emergency telephone number is 911. How many three-digit . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
Choose the answer without using a calculator. Which number is evenly . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
How many sets of at least two consecutive positive integers have a sum of 15?Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
What is the sum of all the digits (not numbers) in the sequence 1, 2, 3, 4, . . . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
How many three-digit numbers which are multiples of 7 end with the digit 4?Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
The date July 31, 1370 in MM/DD/YYYY format is a palindrome that may be read . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
We use the decimal number system with base 10. The binary numeral system . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
How many two-digit numbers have exactly five divisors including 1 and . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
Make 33 by using three 3s and any math operators. How many times do you use . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
The sum of two prime numbers is equal to 888. There are several options. We . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
The last digit of the number 9100 is Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
The typical healthy resting heart rate in adults is 60–80 beats per minute. . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
Pairs of primes separated by a single number are called prime pairs. Examples . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
Find the last 3 digits of the sum of 1 + 11 + 111 + . . . + 111 . . . 111, . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
A number is palindromic, if it is the same backwards as forwards. Of the . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
If you sum all the numbers between 1 and 11111, what number is the result? By . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
Which is not correct? Remember that 3! = 1 x 2 x 3Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
You can throw an unlimited number of darts at the dartboard. Some total . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
How many sets of three consecutive integers whose product is equal to their sum . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
If the sum of three distinct positive integers is 33, what is the maximum . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
The product of two integers is 1000. Neither of the numbers contains a zero. . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
What is a mystery number if you add it to 1, then multiply by 2, then add 3, . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
The product of 99 integers is 99. What is the largest possible value the sum . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
What is the smallest number greater than 2000 that is evenly divisible by all . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
How many digits are in the number 2015?Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
What is the smallest 7-digit prime number? A prime number is a natural number . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
Leslie Green asks: Find the ratio A/B where A is the number of elements in . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
As n goes to infinity, what is the limit of n / (n-1)?Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
The product of real positive numbers a, b, c, and d is equal to 1. What is . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
The sum of the digits of a four-digit number is 15. All the digits are . . .Grade 11 Numbers and Arithmetic
Find the sum of the digits of the first 100 positive integers: 1 + 2 + 3 + . . .Grade 11 Algebra
Simplify the expression 12(3 + x) – 4(5x – 6).Grade 11 Algebra
In the equation y = 9x2 – 1, which is the value of x when y = . . .Grade 11 Algebra
SimplifyGrade 11 Algebra
What transformation creates an image with a vertex at the origin?Grade 11 Algebra
What relation goes through points A, B and C?Grade 11 Algebra
Which point would be on a line passing through C and perpendicular to the line . . .Grade 11 Algebra
Between what two whole numbers does the result lie?Grade 11 Algebra
Which of the following green areas best represents the graph of the inequality y < . . .Grade 11 Algebra
A is the set of all points (x,y) in the shaded region. Find the set . . .Grade 11 Algebra
Which of the following graphs represents all values of x such that Grade 11 Algebra
The last digit of the number 333 is:Grade 11 Algebra
Which of the following could be a value of x?Grade 11 Algebra
A perfect cube is an integer whose cube root is an integer. For example, 64 . . .Grade 11 Algebra
2 + 2 = 5 Find an error in the proof.Grade 11 Algebra
Find the expression that is INCORRECT.Grade 11 Algebra
Find the expression that is INCORRECT.Grade 11 Algebra
Find the value of F, if a = 0.2.Grade 11 Algebra
Eugenia used 192 digits to number the pages in her diary. How many pages . . .Grade 11 Algebra
Which of the following gives the largest value?Grade 11 Algebra
Do these rays have one point of intersection? If yes, find the x-coordinate . . .Grade 11 Algebra
What is the largest product of positive integers that add up to 17?Grade 11 Algebra
Identify the location of point E after the transformation (x 2 + 4, . . .Grade 11 Algebra
How much does the maximum value of 2 - 2sin(x) exceed the maximum value of . . .Grade 11 Algebra
Which point is on the axis of symmetry of the graph of the parabola? Grade 11 Algebra
Xia and Yvonne collect buttons. Xia only collects the ones with two holes and . . .Grade 11 Algebra
Nine teams enter a basketball tournament. Each team plays one match against . . .Grade 11 Algebra
A frog ate 20 flies in a day. Each day, the frog ate 20 more than on the day . . .Grade 11 Algebra
If the admittance rate to a prestigious university is 7.5% and 810 students . . .Grade 11 Algebra
Mr. Rapid always starts driving on a motorway at exactly 7:00 a.m. If he . . .Grade 11 Algebra
In a city, three-quarters of the men are married to four-fifths of the women. . . .Grade 11 Algebra
Mr. Rapid always starts driving on a road at exactly 7:00 a.m. If he drives on . . .Grade 11 Algebra
There are N students in a class and only 8 of them are girls. If 11 boys . . .Grade 11 Algebra
The rear tires of my car wear out after 40,000 miles, whilst the front tires . . .Grade 11 Algebra
X2 = 4004001 Find X without using a calculator.Grade 11 Algebra
Ben ate 100 bananas between Monday and Friday, stopping for the weekend. . . .Grade 11 Algebra
Which gives the smallest answer if X and Y are integers, X is greater than . . .Grade 11 Algebra
On an island, the ratio between the number of adult men and the number of adult . . .Grade 11 Algebra
Which number could be written as a sum of 4 consecutive numbers?Grade 11 Algebra
Figure out without using a calculator which product is greater:Grade 11 Algebra
It takes two gardeners 6 days to mow a lawn. One is lazy and one is . . .Grade 11 Algebra
Derek dragon became a vegetarian two years ago. Derek likes to eat 3 baskets . . .Grade 11 Algebra
Find the ratio of the green and blue areas y = x2. Grade 11 Algebra
Which of the following gives the largest answer?Grade 11 Algebra
I participate in a 10-day rally. The rear tires of my car wear out after 4,000 . . .Grade 11 Algebra
Two trains start at the same time, one from Zurich to Lausanne, the other from . . .Grade 11 Geometry
A rectangle has a width of 0.3x and a length of 0.4x. Which formula is the . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Which gives the largest answer?Grade 11 Geometry
The edges of a large cube are 3 times longer than the edges of a small cube. . . .Grade 11 Geometry
An arrow rotates 366° in one second. How many revolutions does it make in . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Two satellites orbit at 1/4 R above Earth's surface. R is the radius of the . . .Grade 11 Geometry
A mathematician wants to approximate the width of a lake. He places 5 markers . . .Grade 11 Geometry
What transformation creates an image with a vertex at the origin?Grade 11 Geometry
What is the area of the colored shape?Grade 11 Geometry
Angles A and C are equal to 90o. Which proportion is true?Grade 11 Geometry
Each interior angle of a regular polygon measures 144o. How many . . .Grade 11 Geometry
A square garden is 401 square meters. The minimum distance between apple . . .Grade 11 Geometry
If the Earth's radius is twice the radius of planet M, then how much bigger is . . .Grade 11 Geometry
A boy is making boxes from cardboard. He is going to cut square pieces off . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Alex wants to arrange the cylinders from least to greatest volume. What is . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Which shape would be made if the two sections were fitted together?Grade 11 Geometry
Five boys Andrew, Brandon, Chris, Daniel, and Ethan live on State Street. At . . .Grade 11 Geometry
A boy cuts a cardboard circle and only cuts 5 straight lines. He does not . . .Grade 11 Geometry
How many planes of symmetry does a cube have?Grade 11 Geometry
How many boxes measuring 0.1m x 0.1m x 6.9m can be packed into a container . . .Grade 11 Geometry
The figure shows a pyramid made of small squares. I want to move the small . . .Grade 11 Geometry
The American flag consists of thirteen equally spaced, horizontal red and white . . .Grade 11 Geometry
The figure shows a regular pentagon. Compare the values of angles A and B.Grade 11 Geometry
Divide the analog watch face with two straight lines so that the sums of the . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Look at the mini-golf course. To what point would the player hit the golf . . .Grade 11 Geometry
How many interior right angles are possible in a polygon with seven sides? Grade 11 Geometry
Bill mows the front lawn, which is a 7m by 10m rectangle. The mower cuts a 1m . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Among the following shapes of equal area, which has the largest perimeter? Grade 11 Geometry
A block of wood in the form of a cuboid 9 x 10 x 11 has all its six faces . . .Grade 11 Geometry
I fold a square piece of paper in half four times without unfolding, making an . . .Grade 11 Geometry
How many squares can be formed by joining four of these points on the . . .Grade 11 Geometry
If I tile a floor with 3000 regular hexagonal tiles as shown here how many . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Path C consists of straight segments. Path D and E consist of semi-circles. . . .Grade 11 Geometry
A circle is drawn through two vertices of a square so that it is tangent to . . .Grade 11 Geometry
I placed together four identical triangles and the square, without overlaps, to . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Compare areas F and G Grade 11 Geometry
What is the sum of the marked angles?Grade 11 Geometry
Eight points are equally spaced on a circle. How many right angled triangles . . .Grade 11 Geometry
The picture shows six equilateral triangles. The sides of the triangles are . . .Grade 11 Geometry
The picture shows a tiling pattern which is made of square green tiles 10 x 10 . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Fifteen billiard balls perfectly fit into a triangular rack. What is the . . .Grade 11 Geometry
What is the smallest number of segments that needs to be moved so that the . . .Grade 11 Geometry
All three circles are tangent to the horizontal line and to one another. The . . .Grade 11 Geometry
A girl wants to cut the paper into several equal pieces of the same shape, and . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Two lines and two diagonals are drawn through the center of the rectangle. . . .Grade 11 Geometry
How many circles are needed to separate each star from all of the others?Grade 11 Geometry
I would like to cut the shape into the fewest possible pieces that will fit . . .Grade 11 Geometry
The colored figure in the picture consists of isosceles right triangles. . . .Grade 11 Geometry
The vertices of the smaller square divide each side of the larger square by a . . .Grade 11 Geometry
I blew some air into a spherical balloon and quadrupled its surface area (4 . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Estimate the area of the largest equilateral triangle that can fit within a 1x1 . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Four matchsticks form a square. How many non-overlapping squares can be . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Guesstimation. How many tennis balls can fit in a school bus?Grade 11 Geometry
What is the maximum number of apples (ideal spherical units) that can touch . . .Grade 11 Geometry
I arranged twelve one-inch wooden sticks in a polygon with an area of 6 square . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Which reservoir has the smallest volume? Grade 11 Geometry
Anna has made puzzle pieces by cutting wedges from a disk. Each wedge cut from . . .Grade 11 Geometry
How many coins do I need to melt down and recast to get a single coin of double . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Shape A and B are congruent equilateral triangles. Shape C is formed by . . .Grade 11 Geometry
The diagram illustrates a row of three squares formed by matches. How many . . .Grade 11 Geometry
A boy stacked colored cubes in a square pyramid like the one shown here. The . . .Grade 11 Geometry
The figure shows a red equilateral triangle inscribed within another . . .Grade 11 Geometry
The three circles have fixed centers, and the diameter of a circle is 7 / 8 of . . .Grade 11 Geometry
For this rectangular solid, which plane(s) contain(s) C and is/are parallel to . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Two similar pyramids have volumes of 343 m3 and 64 m3. . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Among the following shapes of equal perimeter, which has the smallest area? Grade 11 Geometry
Which triangle with sides a, b, and c has the largest area?Grade 11 Geometry
Squares 1, 2 and 3 have sides of length 1, 2 and 3 units, respectively. What . . .Grade 11 Geometry
A square with a side length 20 has two vertices on the circle, and one side . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Two squares, each with sides measuring 2 cm, are placed such that a vertex of . . .Grade 11 Geometry
A recipe makes 5 pizzas that are 12 inches in diameter. If I decide to make . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Two congruent circles share a radius. What is the perimeter of the figure . . .Grade 11 Geometry
What is the area of a garden? Grade 11 Geometry
The large and small circles touch each other. What part of the large circle . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Estimate how long the rope is if its diameter is 1 cm.Grade 11 Geometry
Find the ratio of the areas of the large and small squares.Grade 11 Geometry
What is the largest possible side size of an equilateral triangle that fits . . .Grade 11 Geometry
The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 6, and the length of one leg is 2 units . . .Grade 11 Geometry
What part of the rectangle is red if points A and B are the midpoints of the . . .Grade 11 Geometry
How many lines can be drawn in a plane so that they are equidistant from 3 . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Three overlapping squares form 5 squares including themselves in the picture. . . .Grade 11 Geometry
You have a 5kg weight and a 12kg weight. They are the same height and are . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Estimate the maximum number of smaller 1-inch circles that fit in a larger . . .Grade 11 Geometry
What is the volume in cubic inches of the pyramid with height 10 inches? The . . .Grade 11 Geometry
I want to divide this shape into four congruent pieces - all of precisely the . . .Grade 11 Geometry
Which pyramid has the largest volume?Grade 11 Geometry
Find the area of the colored rectangle.Grade 11 Geometry
Which line goes through the center of the circle?Grade 11 Geometry
All sides of the white cross are the same. What percentage of the square is . . .Grade 11 Geometry
What is the sum of the interior angles B and D of the pentagon if three other . . .Grade 11 Geometry
If I picked three red points, each in the middle of a different side of the big . . .Grade 11 Geometry
A large rectangle of perimeter 44 is divided into 10 congruent rectangles. . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Five percent of the marbles in a jar are black. One fourth of the marbles . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
A bag contains 6 green, 5 gray, and 4 violet disks. If 2 disks are drawn at . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
If two dice are rolled 72 times, how many times is the sum of the two top . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
A city hall contains 165 chairs. The first row has 10 chairs. Each additional . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Which number could be removed from the set without changing the average . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
The first person is 100 cm tall. Each next person is 20% taller than the . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Five students put their sandwiches into five paper bags. The bags are . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Four kinds of apples are combined in a box. I select apples from the box . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Alex received a 70 on his essay and a 90 on his final. He got an 80 on class . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Statistics show that for every 100 babies born in Funny Town, there are 10 more . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
John arrives at crossroads A from the North. He makes four moves each time . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
99 numbers have an average of 101. Ninety of these numbers have an average of . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
The average of a set of 12 numbers is 1. If 18, 50 and -20 are added to the . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Anna has a bag with 90 wafers. She eats 14 wafers on the first day. Every . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Bobby takes five tiles with the letters of his name and places them into a bag. . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Six standard dice are rolled and the numbers on the top faces are added . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Two princes and two princesses are ready to marry. Everybody independently . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
The sum of N consecutive integer numbers is 2090. The smallest number is 101. . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
I have eight dimes; five are real, and three are fake. Whenever a real dime is . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
A team of three children, Anna, Bill and Cindy, independently answers . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Dueling Idiots Problem: three idiots participate in a duel. They shoot at the . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
There are 10 girls and 10 boys in a class. A teacher randomly chooses two . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Two dice are thrown. You can see all 12 numbers except 2 faces that are on the . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
A chip is placed at the bottom left corner square of a 5 x 5 grid. The chip is . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
After a gun is fired in a saloon, 75% of the cowboys have a wounded ear, 80% . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
If we set out by ranks of 10, we will be one short. We will also be one short . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
It takes 2 cards to build 1 floor of a card house. It takes 7 cards to build . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Anna earned an average of 80% on her four exams. If she never earned more . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
What is the average of the smaller of two random numbers from 0 to 1?Grade 11 Data Analysis
John answered 100 4-option multiple-choice questions. He is sure that he . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Forty non-zero positive numbers are written in a row. The average of the . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
This picture shows the first five rows of Pascal's triangle. What is the sum . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
San Jose Scrabblereg; Club No. 21 published a three-letter word list that . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
In a city, there were seven bridges. There was a tradition to walk and cross . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
An entrepreneur wants to hire the best person for a position. He makes a . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
A group of kids with dogs go for a walk. There are 49 feet and heads . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Bob is rolling two dice and will subtract the second number from the first . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
The average of twelve numbers is 8 and the average of another set of eight . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Fifteen numbers have an average of 10. Five of these numbers have an average . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
The average (arithmetic mean) of a set of 10 different numbers is 98. If the . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Anna has 3 bags of marbles. The first contains 5 white marbles and 5 green marbles. The . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
John has an average of 87 on his two math exams. To earn an A, he must have a . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
I roll two dice. What is the probability that the two numbers are equal?Grade 11 Data Analysis
Everyone in tenth grade classes voted on a motion. Sixty percent of the girls . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Alex received a 60 on his essay and an 80 on his final. He got a 90 on class . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Gerry and Jane are younger than 25. The probability that two randomly chosen . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Jane and Gerry visit a casino. In one game, they have a 1/5 probability of . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
John is sick 12 days per year. The probability of being sick on a Saturday or . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Abbey has a dog Abby. She places 5 tiles with the letters of her surname into . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
John sent an email to his three partners. Everybody answered and copied the . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
An average baby is about 20 inches (51 cm) long and weighs approximately 6 to 9 . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
The binary numeral system represents numeric values using two symbols: 0 and 1. . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
0 2 6 12 20 . . . What is the 100th number in the series?Grade 11 Data Analysis
If 2 salesmen can sell three luxury cars in 4 days, how many luxury cars can . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
If you are a redhead you have more than the average amount of hair. This . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
If the probability of an accident occurring in 4 years is 0.9999, what is the . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Find the sum of the series: 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + . . . Grade 11 Data Analysis
Alex(A), Beatrice (B), and Craig (C) work on a project. (1) Together, A and . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
I ask you to pick a number from 1 to 100. I then ask you, “Is the number . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Guesstimation A man can jump up to four times the length of his own body. . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Alex must match three different numbers chosen from the integers 1 to 33 in any . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
In the United States, the average life span is 65 years and the average female . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
What is the average of all positive integers less than 100 that are multiples . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Which year has had the greatest number of Roman numerals in it?Grade 11 Data Analysis
Which result ends in exactly seven zeroes. Remember: N! = 1 x 2 x . . . x N Grade 11 Data Analysis
After a test of a code, John detected 2 errors and Mary discovered 3 errors in . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
John and Mary have equal chances of winning. What is more probable? Grade 11 Data Analysis
After a 20% discount and 8% tax, a set of tin solders costs $540. What was . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Every day, a stock price of $444 is either increased or decreased by 4%. When . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
One bag contains two white marbles, another bag contains two black marbles, and . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
A school offers the following dinner choices: First course: soup or small . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
The average IQ of 100 students is 101. If the first ninety-nine students each . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Anna spent 120 Swiss francs in a Swiss souvenir shop. She was charged an extra . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
What is the probability of getting blue?Grade 11 Data Analysis
What is the probability of not getting blue in two runs?Grade 11 Data Analysis
If the first President of the USA George Washington took office in 1789 and the . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Javier Sotomayor (Cuba) is the men's record holder with a jump of 2.45 m set . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Bob used to weigh 100kg. His new stressful job causes him to lose 10% every . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
How many 9s are there in the result of the multiplication: 12345 x 99999 ? . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
John's family tree includes 10 generations. What is the minimum number of . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
A line containing 9 keyboard letters on Gerry's laptop does not work. If his . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Gerry estimates that two angles of a triangles have a measure between 50 and 70 . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
What is the difference between 11 in decimal (normal) and binary systems? A . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
What time is it 1234 minutes after 1:23 a.m.?Grade 11 Data Analysis
There are 800 students in a school. The students' average age is 12 years and . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
How many times do you expect to get 5 if you throw a die 55 times?Grade 11 Data Analysis
If you toss a dime five times and it lands heads up three times, what are the . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
2 + 2 = 11 In what numeral system is the expression true?Grade 11 Data Analysis
The masses of sugar and water in my 200 g tea cup are in the ratio 1 : 9. If . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Which of the following could be the percentage of even numbers among several . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
What is the sum? 2001 + 2002 + . . . + 2099 Grade 11 Data Analysis
The cost of living increases uniformly by 44% in a period of two years. What . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
If I roll two dice, what is the probability of rolling a six on at least one of . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
You are rolling two dice and adding the numbers on the top faces. What sum . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
What is the sum of the first 13 numbers that are evenly divisible by 13?Grade 11 Data Analysis
Gerry and Jane like to look at registration plates of cars that pass by. They . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
If I put these balls in a bag and take two balls without looking, what is the . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
I roll two dice, one with the left hand and one with the right. If the left . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Buy 2 for the price of 3 and get 50% off! What is the final rebate do . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
The pie chart shows the number of men, women and kids in a county. What is . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Gerry tosses a coin and Jane tosses 2 coins. What is the probability that . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Martin has ten thousand dollars in a bank account. The interest rate for his . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Jane and Gerry compete in a best-of-three match. If Gerry plays so that his . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Cletus is absolutely, definitely, the worst student the driving school has ever . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
In what numeral system is the phrase correct? 1 + 1 = 10Grade 11 Data Analysis
Leslie Green asks: quot;In a large village community there are regularly women . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Jane has a 5-liter bucket with 5%-fat milk and 3-liter bucket with 3%-fat . . .Grade 11 Data Analysis
Anton, the highest IQ house ant on the planet, is taking his regular nocturnal . . .Grade 11 Logic
A recipe to make a cake for 66 people uses 3333 grams of sugar. How much . . .Grade 11 Logic
The price of a T-shirt on sale is $19.99. The store reduced the original . . .Grade 11 Logic
Tom drives for 3 days. On the second day he drives 2 km more than a quarter . . .Grade 11 Logic
Anna's income is seven-eighths that of Beatrice. Anna's expenses are . . .Grade 11 Logic
Anna wants to score exactly 33 points. The ducks give different points. How . . .Grade 11 Logic
The diagram shows some of the results of a six-person contest. There are two . . .Grade 11 Logic
Jane and Gerry are playing a card game. Without looking, a card is drawn from . . .Grade 11 Logic
Find the number evenly divisible by 2, 3, 4 and 5.Grade 11 Logic
How many times do the hour and the minute hands form a 90-degree angle in the . . .Grade 11 Logic
John read a 165-page book in 11 days. Every day, he read 1 page more than the . . .Grade 11 Logic
The left 11-tooth gear turns at 124 revolutions per minute. The middle gear . . .Grade 11 Logic
The first six numbers in a sequence are shown on the right. What is the 66th . . .Grade 11 Logic
A class of 44 students is divided into 4 groups. Each group contains at least . . .Grade 11 Logic
The number 99! is very big. How many zeros are there at the end of the . . .Grade 11 Logic
How many years ago did you have more than one thousand ancestors? Assume . . .Grade 11 Logic
What is the sum of 99 consecutive integers, if a third of them are negative . . .Grade 11 Logic
There is a set of 9 numbers: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Five numbers are selected from . . .Grade 11 Logic
I arrange five marbles randomly in a ring. There are two green and three . . .Grade 11 Logic
A girl was born in the 20th century. Take away from her year of birth the sum . . .Grade 11 Logic
The matchsticks make a spiral that goes clockwise. How many matchsticks do I . . .Grade 11 Logic
The figure shows a triangle made of discs. I want to move the discs and turn . . .Grade 11 Logic
Two rectangles enclose five regions. Find 2 figures that can form the . . .Grade 11 Logic
A password consists of five digits, 0-9. How many passwords are there that . . .Grade 11 Logic
Yellow Taxi Service charges $1.20 for the first mile and $.79 for each . . .Grade 11 Logic
An integer consists of 2010 digits such that any consecutive 10 digits are . . .Grade 11 Logic
Twelve couples met at a party. Each person shook the hand of each of the . . .Grade 11 Logic
There are 24 balls in the box. X of them are white. When we add 12 white . . .Grade 11 Logic
There are four brothers in a family. The sums of the ages of three of them are . . .Grade 11 Logic
Bill buys oranges at five for $1 and sells at one for $5. How many oranges . . .Grade 11 Logic
I have apples and paper boxes. If I place 8 apples into each box, I will have . . .Grade 11 Logic
What is the probability that the next person you meet is George Washington, the . . .Grade 11 Logic
It takes two painters 4 days to paint a house. The older painter would only . . .Grade 11 Logic
In how many ways can the name ALEX be spelt out, using adjacent letters of the . . .Grade 11 Logic
Find the missing figure.Grade 11 Logic
Which shape fits in the missing space to complete the pattern?Grade 11 Logic
I wrote all the numbers from 0 to 999. Which digit did I write less than the . . .Grade 11 Logic
Two apples and two peppers have the same weight as three eggs. Six eggs and . . .Grade 11 Logic
A group of gentlemen visited a produce shop. Each gentleman bought the same . . .Grade 11 Logic
I must balance any whole number load from 1kg to 40kg using these four weights . . .Grade 11 Logic
Based on 20 years per generation, estimate the number of ancestors John has in . . .Grade 11 Logic
A kitten has a 50/50 chance to be male or female. My cat just delivered two . . .Grade 11 Logic
I sold two cars and received sixty thousand dollars for each car. I received . . .Grade 11 Logic
What is the largest digit in the product of 11111111 x 11111111 ?Grade 11 Logic
Every year on my son's birthday, I put multiples of one thousand dollars in his . . .Grade 11 Logic
Sixty-five students want to share 15 melons. They decide that four boys will . . .Grade 11 Logic
How old is the eldest of these four sisters if the product of their ages is 792?Grade 11 Logic
Bill (B), Cindy (C), and Daniel (D) work on a project. (1) Together, B and C . . .Grade 11 Logic
Find the odd one out.Grade 11 Logic
A magician placed 3 bowls of fruit in 3 closed boxes and 10 people tried to . . .Grade 11 Logic
It takes exactly 1 hour to burn a rope when I light one of its ends. The rate . . .Grade 11 Logic
Logic puzzle: What number comes next after 66?Grade 11 Logic
Three identical glasses contain orange juice. The first one is 15% full, the . . .Grade 11 Logic
What is the sum of 101 consecutive positive integers if the middle one is n? Grade 11 Logic
Many people stand in a line (queue) to buy tickets to a match. There are . . .Grade 11 Logic
In the first week John made $1. He made 4 times more than the previous week if . . .Grade 11 Logic
How many two-digit integers are there in which the sum of the digits is equal . . .Grade 11 Logic
Twenty years ago, Bob was four times as old as Anna. Today, he is twice as old . . .Grade 11 Logic
Twelve European teams enter a football tournament. Each team plays one match . . .Grade 11 Logic
Anna traveled 3600 miles in a car. She had five tires and changed them such . . .Grade 11 Logic

Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System

2016 MCAS Sample Student Work and Scoring Guides

Below you will find each released short-response question, open-response question, and writing prompt that was included on the spring 2016 MCAS tests; the scoring guide for each question; and a sample of student work at each score point for that question. Student work samples in English Language Arts (ELA) Composition and Reading Comprehension include annotations at all grade levels and score points.

Taken together, the questions, the scoring guides, and the corresponding student work provide a picture of the expectations for student performance on the MCAS tests.

Two different samples of student work have been included at the highest score point for all grades and subjects with the exception of the ELA Composition Standard English Conventions. In addition, two different samples are included at Score Points 1 and 2 for the short-response question for Grade 3 ELA Reading Comprehension.

The document Release of Spring 2016 MCAS Test Items contains all grade 10 ELA and Mathematics test items as well as all high school Biology and Introductory Physics test items on which student results are based. Also included in this document are approximately 50% of this year's common MCAS test items for grades 3-8. High school Chemistry and Technology/Engineering common test items were not released in 2016.

Changes in 2016

  • To support future test development, high school Technology/Engineering items were not released in 2016.
  • The spring 2016 MCAS tests in ELA and Mathematics at grades 3-8 were augmented with a small number of test items developed by the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC). The PARCC items are not included in the Question Directory for Student Work below, but information about them is located on the Department's MCAS Test Questions Web page.
  • MCAS ELA assessments have traditionally included a Composition test at grades 4, 7, and 10. In 2016, the Department decided to eliminate the ELA Composition test in grades 4 and 7. This decision was based on the fact that all MCAS ELA test forms in grades 3-8 included a PARCC narrative writing task in 2016. The Composition test for grade 10 was administered as usual in March 2016.

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