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Beci Orpin Illustration Essay

Make and Do is a book about creative projects and creative spaces.  Beci has based each chapter around the different materials she uses in her studio – paper, wood, textiles and found objects.  Our favourite project hands down are the GIANT WALL SPRINKLES (genius!).  Interspersed  between these fun ‘how to’ projects are studio visits with some of Beci’s favourite creative people including Miso, Tin & Ed and Lucas Grogan, which is such a lovely and inspiring addition to the book.

For this book, Beci worked with her  ‘book dream team’ – book designer Michelle Mackintosh, and photographer Chris Middleton, plus the folk at Hardie Grant, as well as an external editor.  ‘Most of the work takes place over a 3 month period – it is a pretty intense process’ explains Beci.  The first 6-8 weeks are spent in the studio gathering materials and testing and making all the projects, taking comprehensive notes along the way.  Once all the projects are finalised, a big photo shoot  happens – where Beci and her team work solidly for around 10 days creating all the photographs for the book.  After the shots are in, Beci finalises the text, and Michelle starts putting all the layout together, and then, Beci says, ‘I just click my fingers and a book is made – if only it was that easy!’.

When she’s not writing books, Beci is also responsible for designing all the homewares at Arro Home, as well as juggling various other freelance projects, and being a hands on Mum.  At the moment she’s pumped about releasing the new Arro Home collection – ‘it’s bigger and better than the first one!’ she says.  She’s also currently working on a children’s picture book with Penguin which will be out in 2015, and has a number of other collabs in the works – and a new website too!  We will be sure to keep you posted on all of the above, but in the meantime, for goodness SAKE Beci, please chill out for like, 20 minutes once you’ve finished promoting  this book, your work ethic is beyond compare!

Beci Orpin's gorgeous new book - Compendium of Me, Published by ERM books.

Pages from Compendium of Me, by Beci Orpin

You might have noticed, today TDF is all about Beci Orpin!  Actually, we are hereby naming January 9th official BECI ORPIN DAY.  You can all celebrate by creating multicoloured paper collages and re-arranging your pinboards and eating tacos.  :)

In addition to kicking off our first guest blog of 2012, this week we're giving away five of Beci's super gorgeous brand new artists book, published by our fave local indie publishing house - Erm Books!

Beci's sweet new book is entitled 'Compendium of Me' and is such a fabulous little hardback publication which gives a unique window in Beci's hypercolour world! Amongst the 28 vibrant pages you'll see detailed illustrations of the beautiful books on Beci's bookcase, quirky toys, fabrics, paper and other ephemera that forms part of Beci's daily visual landscape at home and in the studio, which in turn informs her artwork and illustration.  It is truly a visual feast!!

Compendium of Me is the 4th book in ERM's artist imprint series, and is ridiculously good value at just $20!  Outrageous.

You can purchase the book here.  However, if you'd like the opportunity to WIN one of five copies, you can simply leave a comment on Beci's Guest Blog between now and 10.00pm this Thursday January 12th to be in the running! We'll announce the lucky winners on Friday morning.

Big thanks to Beci and the clever bookish people at ERM for this gorgeous giveaway!


Pages from Compendium of Me, by Beci Orpin

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