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With the eyes of a scientist and the vision of a poet, Barbara Kingsolver writes about notions as diverse as modern motherhood, the history of private property, and the suspended citizenship of humans in the animal kingdom. Kingsolver's canny pursuit of meaning from an inscrutable world compels us to find instructions for life in surprising places: a museum of atomic bomb relics, a West African voodoo love charm, an iconographic family of paper dolls, the ethics of a wild pig who persistently invades a garden, a battle of wills with a two-year-old, or a troop of oysters who observe high tide in the middle of Illinois.


2011 Richard C. Holbrooke Distinguished Achievement Award


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | History

Repository Citation

Kingsolver , B. (1995). High Tide in Tucson: Essays from Now or Never. New York, NY: HarperCollins.

ANOHNI's Future Feminism exhibition is currently in the middle of its run at the ‘O’ Space in Aarhus, Denmark. The exhibition will see ANOHNI, filmmaker Kembra Pfahler, and performance artist Johanna Constantine will present a series of 25 performances, talks, workshops, and events.

Today, August 18, ANOHNI has shared a lengthy and thought-provoking essay to coincide with the series of events. In the essay, titled “God Is A Woman, Now Or Never,” she argues for the importance of women to the future of society and states that "creation is female, through and through."

"RESTORE THE FEMALE ARCHETYPE AS CENTRAL TO CREATION," reads one key passage. "Because unless we repair the belief systems that are at the root of our collective desire to die, we will soon reach our climax."

Read the essay in full via the embed below.

Future Feminism is open until September 3. Find more information on the exhibition here.

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