Pol 110 Week 3 Assignment Part

Running Head: POLITICS-YESTERDAY, TODAY, & TOMORROWEvents both current and past have a dramatic effect on how Americans view their countryand its leaders. These events pertain to civil rights and liberties, stories that make the news on a daily basis, and the interaction between major political figures. These events are meaningful as they have the power to shape the future of the United States, as we are now seeing in the current election season. The values that are important to the American people, and the representatives that we elect to uphold those values are hot topics of debate, as the people decide which directionthis nation should be heading in.Civil Rights & Civil LibertiesIt is important to distinguish between “civil rights” and “civil liberties.” Legally speaking, civil rights have traditionally been defined as the basic right to equal treatment on the basis of certain protected characteristics, including: gender, disability, race, etc. Civil liberties are defined basic rights and freedoms that are explicitly laid out in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and are guaranteed to all citizens. These include: freedom of speech, right to vote, right to privacy, right to marry, right to a fair court trial, and the freedom from unreasonable searches of an individual’s residence. “For example, as an employee, you do not have the legal right to a promotion, mainly because getting a promotion is not a guaranteed "civil liberty." But, as a female employeeyou do have the legal right to be free from discrimination in being considered for that

POL 110 Week 10 Disscusion"Social Security and Medicare" Please respond to the following:Based on the scenario and the knowledge gained from this section, address the following:Identify at least two changes that may occur for Social Security and Medicare benefits in the next 20 years. Then, describe key policies that the U.S. government could implement in order to ensure positive changes for Social Security and Medicare benefits based on your prediction.If the US government continues spending money the way it is doing presently, Social Security and Medicare benefits are in a serious financial trouble. Social Security Board of Trustees projects that the program’s cost will rise by 2035, thustaxes will be enough to pay for only 75 percent of scheduled benefits. The likely changes that can happen in the future because of the high cost of sustaining Social Security and Medicare programs are; worker’s benefits may be cut

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