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Primary Homework Help River Thames On Map


This is a diary of Winnie the Pooh's journey down the river Thames, in England. It is a shorten version, written especially for children (We also have a more detailed voyage)

The River Thames is sometimes referred to as 'Father Thames', in recognition that the river is father to the settlements on its banks.

Why do you think many towns and cities have been built along the River Thames? Why was/is the river important to them?

Old Father Thames

'Old Father Thames' sculptured by Rafaelle Monti for the Great Exhibition of 1851 at the Crystal Palace.

See if you can spot Pooh in his boat as you follow him down the River Thames.

Enjoy your trip down the Thames with Pooh

Ashton Keynes is south-west of Kemble and is seven miles from the source of the River Thames.

The infant Thames divides into several streams through Ashton Keynes before leaving the village strengthened by the addition of the Swill Brook tributary.

The infant Thames flows down besides the roads and paths.


Many houses are reached by crossing tiny stone bridges.

Pooh sailed down the main channel along side the High Street, with the gardens of houses on his right and the road on the left.

The infant Thames is still very shallow. Pooh could see through the clear water.

The local church, Holy Cross, dates from the Saxon times.
The infant Thames continues its journey through open meadows to the next settlement.

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