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Common Application Essay Prompt 2012 Calendar

As of today, August 1st, the 2017-2018 Common Application is open! This means that if you are planning to apply to Olin College this year, you will now be able to start your application, add Olin as one of your prospective colleges, and check out Olin’s supplemental questions and essay prompts on the Common Application website.

You have plenty of time (5 whole months!) between now and our application deadline on January 1st to complete and submit your application to Olin. But just in case you’d like to start brainstorming and playing with some ideas for those essay questions, we thought we’d share the prompts with you now!

Essay Prompt #1 (250-500 words): Olin is a community striving to improve the world for everyone or anyone through engineering. What change do you hope to see or be a part of? Why is this change important to you?

Essay Prompt #2 (250-500 words): We would like you to choose one of the following prompts:

  • Tell us a story about a time when you made someone happy. What effect did the experience have on you?
  •  When, where or with whom are you your most authentic self? What makes you feel most like you?
  • Think about things that excite or engage you (for example, people, ideas, projects, books, causes, innovations). Keeping that in mind, tell us about how you would spend a “perfect day.” What makes that perfect day a day well spent?

In the coming months, we’ll be posting more blogs with application advice, including advice about how to approach writing your essays. In the meantime, if you have any questions about applying to Olin, please don’t hesitate to direct them to our office at apply@olin.edu. 

Begin your bachelor's program by applying now

Application Process

In just two steps, you're on your way to be considered for admission into your desired degree program!

Admissions and Scholarship Deadlines

Prescott College practices rolling admissions which means that you may apply at any time prior to the published last day to apply. However, there are recommended Priority Dates for all applicants. Applicants meeting these deadlines have the best chance of gaining admission and may be considered for merit scholarships. Click here for more information.

STEP 1: Start your online application!

New Applicants, Fall 2018

First-time freshman apply hereTransfer students apply here

Common Application - apply here

If you require a paper based application, please contact the admissions office at 1-877-350-2100 or admissions@prescott.edu.

Continuing applicants - click here to finish your application.

STEP 2: Submit application materials 

Be proactive! Review our list of required supplemental application materials before starting your application process. All application materials should be submitted through the online application portal. You must mail official transcripts and materials to Prescott College, Office of Admissions 220 Grove Avenue, Prescott, Arizona, 86301

  1. Autobiographical Essay: Submit a two to four page autobiographical essay reflecting on your past academic experiences and your educational goals
  2. One letter of recommendation: First-time Freshmen must have a letter written by a teacher or counselor; transfer students may have a letter from anyone except family or a significant other. Please note you will have an opportunity to gather letters of recommendation by email through the online application.  
  3. Test Scores: Prescott College does not require applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores for admission. Applicants are welcome to submit their scores as part of their application. Our SAT code is 0484 and our  ACT code is 5022.
  4. Official transcripts can be submitted electronically by the issuing institution via Scrip-Safe or through the mail at:

    Office of Admissions
     Prescott College
     202 Grove Avenue
     Prescott, Arizona 86301

    All transcripts submitted by mail must arrived in an official sealed from the issuing institution.

    Please note: unofficial transcripts may be submitted for the admissions committee to begin a preliminary evaluation of an application. Official transcripts will be required to provide an official offer of admission.

    Let’s get going! We are here to support you during the admissions process. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-877-350-2100 or admissions@prescott.edu for assistance.

Additional admissions information

Computer Literacy

Students are expected to enter the College with a level of technology competency sufficient to function effectively in the program. Proficiency is defined as a comfort and knowledge of using email, navigating the Internet, and basic word processing skills. Students must be able to use message boards or computer conferencing tools to communicate with others, download and upload files, and attach files to email. Students are required to have full-time access to a computer that has a reliable Internet connection.

Deferred Matriculation

Students wishing to defer matriculation may do so by sending a written request to the Director of Admission. Matriculation will be postponed for up to a full academic year, subject to successful completion of any academic work undertaken during that time.

Transfer Credit

Dual Enrollment

High school students who enrolled in college-level credit from regionally accredited US colleges or universities for courses in which a grade of C or the equivalent was obtained. Students desiring to transfer such credits should contact the Office of Admissions to determine the applicability of this policy to their educational background. Once enrolled, students work with their academic advisor to determine how their transfer credits will apply to their degree plan.

Regionally Accredited US Colleges or Universities

Prescott College will transfer in college-level credit from regionally accredited US colleges or universities for courses in which a grade of C or the equivalent was obtained. In some cases college-level credit from US colleges and universities that are not regionally accredited may be transferable via Prescott College's Conversion Portfolio Policy. Students desiring to transfer such credits should contact the Office of Admissions to determine the applicability of this policy to their educational background. Once enrolled, students work with their academic advisor to determine how their transfer credits will apply to their degree plan.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Prescott College accepts a full range of College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests, which measure mastery of college-level introductory course content in a wide range of disciplines. To receive credit for successful performance on a CLEP examination an official transcript must be scent by the CLEP Transcript Service. Prescott College will not accept a transcript or score report submitted by the student, nor will credit be awarded based on another institution's prior evaluation.

Military Transfer Credit

In accordance with Title 38, Code of Federal Regulations, all veterans utilizing GI Bill Education Benefits must submit for military transcripts while entering Prescott College.

Prescott College awards transfer credits for US military services training via the American Council on Education (ACE) endorsement transcripts, AART (Army ACE Registry Transcript), SMART (Sailors/Marines ACE Registry Transcript), and Air University. Prescott College also awards transfer credit for tests administered to military personnel by DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support). AART and SMART transcripts and DANTES scores will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis with faculty input. Only those courses that pertain to a student's degree program will be awarded transfer credit.

International Transfer Credits

College-level credit from non-US institutions will be transferred according to current guidelines of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Offices (AACRAO). Transcripts from other countries must be evaluated by an international credential evaluation service. They produce an "official report" which we use for evaluation. The student is responsible for all costs associated with this evaluation. The evaluation process can take several weeks to complete.

Additional information for:

Home-Schooled Candidates

Prescott College welcomes home schooled students and other students with non-traditional high school equivalencies. Official high school transcripts come from a homeschool clearinghouse, guild, or association. If transcripts are unavailable, we encourage you to consider FastTranscripts.com, offered in concert with the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).  You may also submit evidence of academic readiness through a portfolio. At minimum, the portfolio should be 5 to 10 pages and include: course titles, course descriptions, and bibliography. Some prior applicants have chosen to also include writing samples, photography, and CD-ROMs of artwork.

International Students

Please visit our Resources for International Applicants page for more information.

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