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What Is More Important What A Person Thinks Or Does Essay


   We’ve all the heard the phrase “Actions speak louder than words” once before in our lifetime, whether we’ve been the ones to say it, or have been the one receiving the advice behind the message. Though we have heard it, did we listen to what the person telling us was really trying to say? Will doing what you say make what you thought a minority in your decision making, or is what you think just as important as putting the plan into action? 

I say, both are significant in things such as making a decision, or taking something into consideration. Even as we function in everyday life, we will both think about something, then put it into action by deciding to choose the better option. Lets say for instance that I was going to make a decision on whether or not I wanted to wear my hair up or down on a windy day in the fall. The first step of this process is that I will began to ponder about my options, thinking things such as : “If I wear my hair down, there is a chance that the wind will blow it into wild places, and I wont have the energy to fix it because I didn’t get sleep last night. If I wear my hair up, it wont come out the way I want it to, then I’ll just obsess about my hair all day, but maybe I can wear a hat... But my hat is over my sister’s house... But-” and the thoughts will go on and on until I have no choice but to wear my hair up or down. Thinking about it first probably saved me from over-thinking, or obsessing about my hair, because I had time to process in my mind that what I was going to was wear my hair the way I ended up deciding. 

It is a psychological fact the humans do not function well with being alone, and sometimes that voice in our heads that helps us make a decision before we do so can be very helpful, and a sense of company. Though sometimes we procrastinate, or as Merriam Webster says “to put off intentionally and habitually” and don’t always put things into action as we say, the things we think become irrelevant. You can have the most powerful, intriguing, intelligent, genius thoughts ever to be thought by the human mind, but if you do not say them, then they don’t matter. We are our own advocates, meaning we can only say and do the things we are thinking to the best of our ability. Had I not done anything about my hair on that windy day, then my hair would have gotten done at all. Who else would have done it for me? I am my advocate, and I put my plans and thoughts into action, but those thoughts mean nothing if I do not act upon them.

Thinking about something, then doing it works together. Stephen Kiernan said “Authentic patriotism is not about you, what you believe or what you think is right. . . Authentic patriotism is not an opinion. It is an action.” If you had not thought about what it means to be a patriot, and how being one will benefit you, then you would not have been one at all. I disagree with his statement because there is much more to being a patriot than just being one. You have to believe, and really know the meaning before you just... be. If you ask me, patriotism is all in the mind, and the desire to show it comes out in your actions. 

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I think action.

One cannot act without thinking first. Their actions reflect one of two realities: either their intentions or their rationality/awareness of a situation. Being faulty in either of these two ways is a reflection of the person in every sense. Either their hearts are in the wrong place, or they are fools for one reason or another. Heck, even if they are ignorant by choice because they fain from learning... that is also a character fault and perhaps reflects a misplacement of moral values.

If you want to judge someone as a person, for their character... obviously their intent and therefore their thoughts matter more. But the problem is that we can never know someones intent. We only know their actions because we observe them. What they tell us about themselves is ALSO an action in its own right, and people lie... either to protect their interests, egos, or because they are unaware of themselves.

In any case, peoples actions are all we can observe and all we need to observe to assess and judge them... and judgment is not wrong if done properly. One must be rational, factual and unbiased... with an understanding morality. Peoples actions, and therefore your interaction with them, build the dynamic... it decides how you deal with the person in the future.

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