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English Comp 1 Assignments

Your first resource for developing writing topics can be our department's custom textbook,Craft & Composition: A Guide to First Year Writing at Armstrong  See the sample student essays in that text for potential prompts and models.  They can provide the starting point for any number of successful writing assignments in a range of modes that demonstrate a variety of writing and research skills.


Margaret Brockland-Nease


Beth Howells

Each of the five projects from two different ENGL 1101 classes focused on the theme of culture and scaffolded students through writing arguments employing narrative details, field research, and then academic research as support.


Nancy Remler

The following assignments were part of a section of ENGL 1101 that was tied to a section of First Class, Armstrong’s first-year learning community focusing on information literacy. Each essay assignment focused on a theme and required students to use a different type of analysis or information literacy skill.


ENGL 1101 Best Practices Teaching Conversation

The links below are texts and TED talks our instructors have recommended for building ENGL 1101 assignment topics:

TED Talks:


Useful Links to Sample Assignments on the Web

Essay Assignments

Diagnostic Essay
     ENG 1001-03/04
     ENG 1001-300

Essay 1

Essay 2

Essay 3

Essay 4


Home Page and Assignments

ENG 1001-03

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10:00-10:50 am | Room B-213 | Syllabus | Blackboard

ENG 1001-04

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 1:00-1:50 pm | Room E-214 | Syllabus | Blackboard

ENG 1001-300

Tuesday: 6:00-8:40 pm | Room B-213 | Syllabus | Blackboard

Word Facts

What common one-word greeting did not exist before 1883? 


Believe it or not, that word is "hello." The word has been used only since 1883. It became popular mainly because of the use of telephones even though Alexander Graham Bell preferred the telephone greeting "ahoy." Imagine answering your phone with "Ahoy!"

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