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AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE INTERCULTURAL PROGRAM (AFS) Sponsor:  Darryl Diggs  American Field Service is an intercultural exchange... (cont'd)
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL CLUB Sponsor: Nicole Daniels   Members focus on human rights issues around the world.  The South High club has... (cont'd)
ANIME CLUB   Sponsor: Aaron Cook   Interested in anime and manga? This is the club for you! Join us for watching, reading, and talking... (cont'd)
ART CLUB   Sponsors: Eric Ludlow   The Art Club is for any student that is interested in art and willing to work on painting projects... (cont'd)
BETA CHI PI   Sponsor: Kathy Scheff, Room 3703   Beta Chi Pi is a nationally recognized Science Honor Society.  Membership is... (cont'd)
If you love to read and want to meet others from South High, this club is for you!
Bowling Club Sponsor: SRO Officer Evan Waters The Blowling Club will meet and bowl at Brunswick Bowling Alley.
CHESS CLUB Sponsor: Mike Herrmann   The Parkway South Chess Club meets every Wednesday and Thursday after school in room 3420.  The... (cont'd)
DECA   Sponsors: Robb Bock and Lindsey Miller   An Association of Marketing Students, DECA is a national organization representing over... (cont'd)
DIVERSITY CLUB Sponsor: Jeanette White   To educate students about the different cultures in our school and to bring everyone closer... (cont'd)
FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA (FBLA)   Sponsor: Greg Schuermeyer   FBLA is an opportunity for members to develop vocational and... (cont'd)
FISHING CLUB Sponsor: Joe Rhodes   Do you like to fish? Join ur club! Students will meet new people with common interests while learning... (cont'd)
FIVE FINGER DISCOUNT IMPROV TEAM   Sponsor: Jennifer Forrest-James   Students are selected by auditions.  Team members compete in... (cont'd)
Welcome to the Foosball Club   Sponser: Jason Koehrer   To develop qualities of cooperation and teamwork while playing foosball. This... (cont'd)
French Club Sponser: Martine Ovlia  Free French tutoring Learning useful vocabulary Eating yummy French food Expanding their knowledge of... (cont'd)
Gay-Straight Alliance   Sponsor: Lisa Giljum  An organization dedicated to fostering awareness of the role of the GLBT community in... (cont'd)
GERMAN CLUB Sponsor: Leslie Peterson   Students currently enrolled in German can further their understanding of the German culture, host... (cont'd)
JAPANESE LANGUAGE CLUB   Sponsor: Aaron Cook   Members help each other on Japanese homework and interact with each other in Japanese.... (cont'd)
KEY CLUB Sponsor: Steff Guzman   An international community service organization built around the concept of caring.  We sponsor two... (cont'd)
LATIN CLUB Sponsor: Jason Tiearney  The Latin Club's main purpose is spreading awareness of Latin to those who don't really know... (cont'd)
LITERARY MAGAZINE CLUB   Sponsor: Melissa Gebhard   Members publish the school’s literary magazine during second semester. ... (cont'd)
MATH CLUB (Mu Alpha Theta)   Sponsor: Scott Degitz, Allison MacDonald   Math Club is composed of a group of people who enjoy math. Its... (cont'd)
MEAT CLUB Sponsor: Jeremy Nichols   Hungry?  Like meat?  Come join us!  We’re an unconventional and social club at... (cont'd)
MINUTEMAN HONOR GUARD Sponsor: Vic Fulgham   In keeping with our school mascot the Patriot Honor Guard is a group of 6 to 10 highly... (cont'd)
Mock Trial Sponser:  Adam Weiss   To create an additional learning activity for students interested in law and the criminal justice... (cont'd)
MUSIC APPRECIATION CLUB Sponser: Drew Jennings  To meet and host the Battle of the Bands.   
NATIONAL ART HONOR SOCIETY Sponsor: Nora Olive   This club is for art students that have been recommended based on art scholarship,... (cont'd)
NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Sponsors: Michael Hachmeister, Melanie Whiteley, Mark Kozeny   Members compete with actors and speakers from other... (cont'd)
NEWSPAPER   Sponsor: Gavin Brady   South’s number one publication, The Treaty, is created and published by students who have an... (cont'd)
PATRIOT RENAISSANCE Sponsor: Darryl Diggs, Sandee Werner   Patriot Renaissance is a student organization that works to acknowledge the... (cont'd)
PEER TEACHING PROGRAM   Sponsors: Dave McFarland   This program is a Parkway School District prevention program.  High school... (cont'd)
QUIZ BOWL (Academic Team)   Sponsor: Scott Degitz-Fries, Allison MacDonald   Quiz Bowl students will compete in contests that emphasize... (cont'd)
GREEN EARTH CLUB   Sponsor: Libby Reed   Our mandate is to both physically improve our natural enviroment (recycling, litter pick up,... (cont'd)
ROBOTICS TEAM   Sponsors: Tim Morrison   The robotics club competes in the national FIRST robotics competition, designing a robot for... (cont'd)
SIXTH GRADE OUTDOOR SCHOOL COUNSELOR Sponsor: Donna Nokes   South students recommended by the faculty serve as counselors for sixth ... (cont'd)
SUPERINTENDENT’S LEADERSHIP ADVISORY COUNCIL (SLAC)   Sponsor: Darryl Diggs  An organization of leadership council members... (cont'd)
SPANISH CLUB   Sponsor: Julie Barnes, Room 2208   If you enjoy eating out at Mexican restaurants, going to Spanish films and festivals,... (cont'd)
STEP CLUB   Sponsor:    The Step/Hip Hop Dance Club is a club to learn different hip hop moves and develop hip hop dance routines.... (cont'd)
STUDENT COUNCIL   Sponsors: Laura Eckelkamp, Christina Robson   Class officers are elected by students in their respective class;... (cont'd)
TECHNOLOGY STUDENT ASSOCIATION Sponsor: Brian Oakley   Interested in computer repair and computer dating, or perhaps you see yourself as... (cont'd)
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Purchase Your Yearbook Online  If you would like to purchase your yearbook online, click this link: www.jostensyearbooks.com. Yearbooks cost... (cont'd)

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My crucible was a papier-maché pueblo village.

A fifth-grade teacher assigned my daughter the project as part of a social studies unit. Typically, she worked on projects like this with a fair amount parental guidance and oversight.

I pass over the math word problems to my spouse, but crafty and creative research assignments? That’s my jam.

But this year, I had decided to take a hands-off approach to homework. I would still check to make sure my children were getting it done, but it was going to be all their own unassisted work and not my responsibility.

So, as hard as it was to stand by and watch the papier-maché explosion in my kitchen, I sat on my hands.

The research backs up my resolve.

The most thorough scientific investigation of how parental involvement affects students’ academic achievement was published earlier this year by sociology professors Keith Robinson and Angel L. Harris. Their research found that parental help isn’t always a help in the long run. It can actually be a hindrance.

They reviewed nearly three decades’ worth of surveys of American parents and assessed more than 60 different measures of parental participation, from helping them with homework to volunteering at schools, and controlled for parents’ race, class and level of education. They looked at the relationship between that involvement and the students’ academic progress, by measures such as reading and math test scores.

Most of the parental involvement didn’t translate to better scores or better long-term outcomes. Robinson and Harris’ data, published in the Broken Compass: Parental Involvement With Children’s Education, found that once students enter middle school, parental help with homework can actually bring test scores down.

The things that did seem to help? Reading to young children and talking to teenagers about college. Sending the message that school is important and providing support and encouragement when a child’s academic performance falters.

There is wisdom in letting children try on their own even when they are getting it wrong. But this is also not to say children should be left to sink or swim on their own.

Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy, recently wrote an op-ed in which he described not helping as his 5-year-old son struggled for a minute to sound out the word “gratefully” while reading a book together.

Parents have a natural impulse to want to step in at the first sign of difficulty.

But, as Khan described in his essay, he is teaching his son that his brain grows when he struggles to learn something hard. We gravitate toward things that come easily and naturally to us. Learning happens in the struggle. That effort is also how we develop persistence.

Many parents fear their child will suffer if all of her peers are getting additional help while she tries to keep up alone.

A mom, who admitted to spending considerable time watching YouTube videos learning how to help her teenage son with a major high school project, explained her motivation: You don’t want your child to fall behind because he’s the only one not getting extra help. She poured hours of her own time to help with the typing, formatting and grunt work involved with his assignment. The school had fostered a culture so competitive that it took parental involvement to excel.

That kind of environment is doing a disservice in the long run to the students, and some brave parents ought to speak up about it.

At the elementary and middle school levels, it becomes fairly evident to teachers when parents have taken too large a role in a student’s project or homework. After all, they see the classroom performance and work of the same child day-to-day.

In our low-stakes fifth-grade homework, the pueblo turned out just fine. In fact, my daughter took great pride in having done it by herself. It may have even provided a boost of confidence for her to know that she could figure it out on her own.

When the next assignment involved making a puppet of Abraham Lincoln, she asked for some fabric and a sewing kit.

I handed her the supplies and didn’t even offer to thread the needle.

The puppet’s hat didn’t quite fit. And the beard may have been a bit uneven. But she managed to capture the spirit of Honest Abe perfectly.

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