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Every fall I revamp how I organize my piano student’s assignment binders… I’m always thinking about how I can make their assignment books more engaging, more efficient and more… well… used!

We’ve blogged before about creative ideas for assignment books, and if you too are looking to change up what you’re currently using for “back and forth books” you might want to check out the posts below.

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Here’s My Newest Piano Binder Additions

In previous years I had a pretty sterile looking lesson assignment sheet where I would write lesson notes.  It was efficient for me… but it was bland and not the most kid-friendly design. I did often add cute little pictures and use colourful pens, but no matter what I did the page was still boring.

So, I spent some time this summer changing up my assignment page; paring it down to what I believed kids would actually read in an efficient and simple layout that is visually appealing and much cuter!  I’m hoping this will help my students to be able to see “at a glance” what they need to be doing at home.

If you’d like to use my new assignment sheets you can find them here (colorful version for those who like that and ink-friendly version if you print large quantities of these).

This year I’m going to change these sheets up more frequently to keep the motivational ball rolling.

I’m also going to be creating different sheets for different “categories” of piano students. For instance, one of my little guys took one look at the page I handed him and requested a “Fearless Fortissimo” one instead (our comic-book based piano series for boys)… so if you also have Fearless Fanatics in your studio… here’s an assignment sheet for them too!

Cheers to happy piano binders that are used frequently! Enjoy 🙂

Update! … New Theme Pages for Different Seasons!

Halloween assignment page version 1

Halloween assignment page version 2

Winter assignment page version 1

Christmas assignment page version 1

Valentines day Assignment page

Spring assignment Page

Easter/Spring Assignment Page

Summer theme Assignment Page

Summer theme (Camping) Assignment Page

Looking to be able to add an image to your own? Here’s a new assignment sheet you can use. Save the image to your computer, open in any editing program, add any image to the top left corner and voila!

Composed by Jane Smisor Bastien. Bastien Piano Library. Teacher aids. Published by Neil A. Kjos Music Company (KJ.GP16).

Item Number: KJ.GP16

ISBN 849760151.

With this book, students can track their learning, keeping detailed progress and practice records, plus permanent records for pieces memorized, performances given, scales & cadences learned, and music repertory studied. It's a valuable communicator for teacher, student, and parents. Includes a handy reference section and 23 pages of manuscript paper.

About Bastien Piano Library

The Bastien Piano Library is an integrated course of study containing method books, related theory and technic books, and a wide variety of supplementary materials, including Music Flashcards, specifically correlated solo sight reading books, and note speller. The Bastien Piano Library also offers the option of beginning with either a "contemporary" approach (featuring pre-staff notation and first staff reading in G, then C, then middle C) or "traditional" approach (featuring Middle C reading and the C five-finger position).

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