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From teaming with EY people across the US or around the world without ever leaving home to leveraging your skills on a short-term assignment in Latin America as a Corporate Responsibility Fellow to taking yourself completely out of your comfort zone by living and working abroad for an extended period of time, you can apply your skills and experience across geographies (both nationally and internationally), service lines and industries. In doing so, you will benefit from sharing technical and industry insights with others while building your professional network and expanding your knowledge, skills and cross-cultural awareness.

Learn more about the following selection of mobility programs and opportunities, where rotations typically range from 18-36 months, and see how you can enrich your career and achieve your potential.

Capital Markets Centers

You might consider serving in one of our Capital Markets Centers around the world, which provide seamless, world-class service to clients involved in cross-border capital markets transactions. For example, you could assist clients in Paris or Hong Kong with SEC or other US regulatory filings.

Domestic service line residencies

We offer rotations to various US national service line technical, quality, knowledge and infrastructure groups. All will allow you to obtain diverse experience and to develop strong and deep technical expertise while working alongside subject matter professionals.

Global Exchange Program

As a high-performing senior or manager, you can broaden your technical and/or industry skills while working abroad for 18-24 months. You will exchange knowledge and leading practice with new colleagues as part of a local team, while learning more about our global organization, expanding your professional network and bringing new perspectives to your work. Not to mention experiencing new cultures: living in another country for a substantial period of time helps you grow more both personally and professionally than you can ever imagine.

Global Exchange Program opportunities are available to professionals with strong technical skills and industry knowledge in our Assurance, Advisory, Tax or TAS service lines.

Industry Bench Program

Our Global Industry Centers serve as virtual hubs for sharing and developing industry-focused knowledge and experience. Rotational opportunities both within the US and around the world enable you to share your deep industry expertise. These Centers are dedicated to bringing insights to clients, sponsoring dialogue among industry stakeholders and linking our client service professionals to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing. Our commitment of resources to these Centers means that we can anticipate market trends, identify implications and develop clear points of view on relevant industry issues for our clients.

International Tax Desks

The International Tax Desks are one of the most important differentiators for EY in the international tax arena. Our Tax Desks are located in strategic global locations, in both established and emerging markets, and US tax professionals currently serve in some 20 of these locations. Working closely with subject matter professionals from other countries in a Desk cluster helps you broaden your knowledge and perspective while offering comprehensive advice to your clients.

Strategic Global Client Assignments

Our largest global accounts demand seamless service wherever in the world they operate. To provide these capabilities, we offer account-related rotations to and from our clients’ headquarter countries. Not only do our clients benefit from the diversity of thought and experience our rotators bring, our people grow skills and build relationships during their 18-36 month assignments.

Video: Working in the global marketplace

Having a global mindset is a requisite skill for developing inclusive leaders and a key enabler for global business success. Our "Working in the global marketplace" video highlights how we help our people obtain and develop a global mindset, regardless of their location.




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What makes a great journey successful? We think it’s measured not just by how far you go — but also by the rich and varied experiences that help you get there.

That’s why, as you embark on your journey with EY, we want to help you achieve your potential by offering international career opportunities across our service lines, sectors and geographies. It’s all part of EYU (EY and you), our unique career development plan that provides you with the right learning, experiences and coaching you need to be successful.

Our 167,000 people are part of a global network that spans more than 140 countries. So whether it’s the chance to work on cross-border teams to build your global mindset, a short-term international assignment to help during busy season or participation in one of our more formal global placement programs, our international reach provides you with significant opportunities to develop learning experiences that span the globe.

EY offers a wide range of international career opportunities.

Global Student Exchange program

As part of our Global Student Exchange program, you could complete part of your internship in an exciting international location, spending several weeks abroad gaining new experiences — both professionally and personally — while obtaining global insight.

Serve global clients

Upon joining us, you might serve global clients and work alongside a team of EY people from all over the world, which provides you with exceptional cross-cultural experiences and learning opportunities.

Short-term assignments

Also available from the start, short-term assignments can offer you a taste of international work. These situations arise when we have the need for additional resources in another country during busy season. Or we may need a hand with specific engagements or projects.

Global Exchange Program and New Horizons Program

As you become one of our high-performing seniors or managers in any of our service lines, you can participate in overseas assignments lasting anywhere from 18 to 24 months through our Global Exchange Program, our longest running international mobility program. Or you can be part of the New Horizons Program, an international initiative that allows more of our professionals in our junior ranks to experience geographic mobility through short-term rotations. You will broaden your technical skills and benefit from exposure to leading practices, new cultures and people — all while developing a network of contacts that encompass the world.

Corporate Responsibility Fellows program

You might travel to Central or South America as a participant in our Corporate Responsibility (CR) Fellows program. For our managers and above, this program focuses on improving the success of high-impact entrepreneurs in underserved communities. Our CR Fellows leverage their skills on three-month assignments, making a difference by helping local entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and create opportunities in Latin America.

Strategic leadership and management opportunities

When you become a partner or other senior-level professional, you may be offered a strategic opportunity to relocate to another practice or country to provide leadership or engagement management, support business and practice development initiatives, transfer your knowledge and share your experience.

International transfers

On your own, you can always identify and apply for an international transfer. Our Global Career Opportunities website gives employees access to our worldwide job opportunities and enables you to submit an application.

There’s no experience like working abroad to expand your horizons. Spending time in a different country enables you to broaden your understanding of business and other cultures. And it’s a great way to enhance your career. Contact your local EY campus recruiter to learn more.

Working in the global marketplace

Having a global mindset is a requisite skill for developing inclusive leaders and a key enabler for global business success. Our "Working in the global marketplace" video highlights how we help our people obtain and develop a global mindset, regardless of their location.


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